Denman Apple Fest Saturday, Oct 8th

Join us on Saturday October 8th for a fun filled day of apples! This is a FREE event, bring your whole family!


There is a lot to offer the apple enthusiast during our apple fest:

At the Community Hall, which is open from 9:30-3:00pm there is

  • a big display table with 80 varieties of apples!
  • a tasting table where you can try many different varieties
  • an apple ID booth: bring your apple for identification by our orchard experts, this booth will also have information on common apple pests and diseases
  • the APPLE CAFE! don’t miss a slice of our apple pie and crisps with ice cream! Coffee, tea and apple juice are also available.

Tour some unique Denman Island orchards

  • East Cider Orchard is open from 9:30am-3:00pm for tours and apple sales. In the 1980’s Anne De Cosson and Larry Berg planted 1000 semi-dwarf apples as a part of Denman Island’s pioneering Apple Co-op. Today this mature orchard is filled with many heritage varieties, as well as many rare french and english cider varieties. Don’t miss this special orchard!
  • New this year: Tree Eater Farm will be open all day
    Peter will lead small group tours of his orchards. The farm has many apple trees and also an extremely high diversity of other food bearing species: including mulberry, persimmon, autumn olive, hardy kiwi and chestnut. There are chickens, geese and miniature goats. The nursery front and production greenhouses will also be open for tours and sales. Water/ coffee/ tea/ and fruit will be available for visitors. Visitors are asked to park near the main farm gate (which will be left open) and walk in towards the orchard.

Stop by the Farmers Market at the Old School from 9:30-12:30pm to buy whole apple pies and juice for your Thanksgiving dinner- yum!

Get your apples juiced! Mobile Juice press, pressing matter will be on hand  to press local apples all day at the Community Hall. Bring your apples to the hall between 9:00-10:00am and pick up your fresh juice in the afternoon. Pressing Matter offers both raw and unpasteurized juice and it is recommended that you read their website for full details.




Our 2016 Food Directory is Here!

The Denman online Food Directory is finally here! Click this link to view a PDF version of this year’s directory, full of farmers, growers and producers on Denman Island.

food directory 2016



Below is the link to the Denman Growers/Producers survey as seen in the most recent Grapevine.
Please, if you have not already completed the paper copy, submit an online survey to us by Feb 1st.
Thank you!

AGM Announcement

The H/D Growers & Producers All. Annual General Meeting will be held on Thursday, November 19th at 7:30pm in the Denman Activity Centre (Seniors Lounge). Come and hear what we have done since 2014, who the 2016 Board will be made up of and our financial status. Help us determine our future goals. Refreshments. Call Veronica at 5-1828 for more information.