Sowing Potatoes Underground for Denman Sustainability
was formed in  December, 2007.
Membership fees: currently $25 per family $15 per individual
Membership: open to everyone on Denman
Web: www.wearespuds.blogspot.com
Decision-making: by consensus in alignment with the cooperative’s Basis of Unity Statement

SPUDS Co-op is a grassroots, local food sustainability initiative providing Islanders affordable access to land for organic potato growing. The collective has created a Basis of Unity that encourages the participation of a diverse, intergenerational group of people and decision making by consensus. Members join together to help plant, weed, water, harvest and care for the soil- sharing our learning experiences along with crop yield, and building community. Individual and/or family/group members welcome!  http://www.wearespuds.blogspot.com

Contact:  fireweedbc@gmail.com


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